Who Is Benny Gantz? Israel’s Butcher of Gaza

Rebel Voice

Benny Gantz is the leader of the Blue and White political party in the rogue state ofIsrael. At this time, he leads the largest single party group in the Knesset, (Israeli parliament). It appears to be a toss-up between Gantz and Netanyhau for who will lead the next government.

Netanyahu is a war criminal, louse and former military officer being investigated for corruption in Israel. He has made a lot of money from being in charge of the rogue Zionist state. But his days appear to be numbered. Gantzwas a senior member of the military during Netanyahu’s reign. They are well known to one another. It was Gantzwho controlled the Israeli forces that launched the onslaught against the Gaza Strip in 2014 which caused such massive loss of civilian life, including those of 180 children aged 5 years or younger. Gantzis also a war criminal…

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